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Project Management a Managerial Approach

TitleProject Management a Managerial Approach
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsJr JRMeredith, Mantel SJ
Series TitleProject Management a Managerial Approach
Edition5th Edition
Number of Pages704
PublisherJohn Wiley and Sons, Inc.
AbstractKnow how to respond when things don\'t fall into place. Skydiving has its inherent risks. Even though a professional team, like the one depicted on the cover, can make skydiving seem perfectly choreographed; there are always uncertainties. Whether itÅ› getting a skydiving team into the air or a new product off the ground, no project has ever been completed exactly as planned. With Meredith and MantelÅ› Sixth Edition, you\'ll not only learn how to select, initiate, operate, and control all types of projects; you\'ll also learn how to manage risks and uncertainties. Written from a managerial perspective, the text equips you with the quantitative skills, knowledge of organizational issues, and insights into human behavior that you need to do project management effectively.
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